It all began in 1941 when Lorenzo Alejandro Mendoza Fleury founded Cervecería Polar, a brewing business intended to produce and market beer in Venezuela with a European formula.

Shortly thereafter, due to the innovation of master brewer Carlos Roubicek, Polar beer would change its formula to suit Venezuelan tastes, making it lighter and more refreshing than European beers, replacing part of the malted barley with corn flakes.

It was the largest and best known brewery in the country, but over the years it diversified to include other industries, such as food processing.


The first corn flour processing plant

Juan Lorenzo Mendoza Quintero, son of Lorenzo Mendoza Fleury, built a corn processing plant in Turmero, Venezuela, to replace imported ingredients and locally produce the corn needed for the popular Polar beer.

This first plant would later become Alimentos Polar and the beginning of the first P.A.N. corn flour.


Creation of P.A.N. Corn Meal

On December 10, 1960, P.A.N. corn flour was launched on the market. This product was developed by Juan Lorenzo Mendoza Quintero and Carlos Roubicek, who took advantage of their corn processing plant to create a product that would allow Venezuelans to prepare, in a simple and practical way, the corn dough needed to prepare arepas on a daily basis. The flour was designed to simplify the manual processes of cleaning, milling, drying and grinding corn.

The product had to bear a name that represented the idea of the 'Venezuelan bread' or 'pan' in Spanish. And so they chose the name P.A.N., which stands for 'Productos Alimenticios Nacionales' (National Food Products).


The first International Alliance

On November 4, 1996, the first internationalization of P.A.N. corn flour took place when Empresas Polar entered into a strategic alliance with the company Productos del Maíz (Promasa) to market P.A.N. corn flour in Colombia. This was the first foreign market to which P.A.N. corn flour was introduced.


Innovative Blends

In addition to traditional corn flours, the brand also launched a broader line of corn flour blends, consisting of the 'Extra Soft White Blend', based on corn flour and rice, and the 'Whole Wheat Blend', which contains corn flour and oat flour together with corn bran.

Today, the brand offers a diverse range of versatile corn flours and is expanding its product portfolio to suit a variety of cultures.